Crown Masters


Clash Royale on three levels


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Crown Masters is a real-time strategy combat game in which players face off in exciting online duels. Your objective is to finish off the slimy king of your opponent while simultaneously defending your own. That said, you don't know which of the three levels actually contains the enemy king.

One of the main things that separates Crown Masters from the similar titles in the genre is that the action plays out on three different levels. On each of the three there are two defensive turrets, and the king is hidden in the second turret in one of the three. As a result, you need to attack all three levels simultaneously to find the enemy king and take him down. If three minutes pass and neither king has been found, the player that's destroyed the most turrets wins.

Just like in Clash Royale, you can use the winnings from each match to improve your troops. As you improve your units, they'll inflict more damage, move more quickly, and have more hit points. You can collect more than forty unique units in total, each of which with its own stats and special abilities.

Crown Masters is a real-time combat game like Clash Royale, that succeeds in adding a few new elements to the formula. On top of that, you can choose between one-on-one duels or battles of two-on-two.
Crown Masters brings the Clash Royale experience to three different levels

We've lost count of the number of PvP titles that have been released after the success of Clash Royale. It's clear that Supercell's title wasn't the first to implement this type of gameplay, but that doesn't change the fact that its popularity has inspired tons of developers to try to strike gold by copying its formula. Crown Masters is one of the most recent titles to make an effort, and fortunately it has enough personality of its own to merit praise. The main difference is that the game plays out on three different levels, making it much more challenging, and requiring quick reflexes in order to overcome your opponent.
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Requires Android 4.1 or higher